Snakebite 5-Day Film Challenge

What an exciting contest that was!

Between January 11th-16th 2024, 11 teams had 5 days to write, shoot and edit a short film.  Each team was given a line of dialogue, a prop, a genre/theme, and a character to come up with a unique and creative story to produce within 5 days

The creativity and quality of these 5-Day films were incredible!  We are so excited to host this in conjunction with Snakebite Film Festival again next year!


Required Elements

Each team was required to include the following elements into their films

  • Prop - Chopsticks
  • Line of Dialogue - "Do you ever think we should just stop doing this?"
  • Character - A nosey neighbour
  • Genre / Theme - Please pick 1 Genre from 'Column A', and 1 Theme from 'Column B' below.  Your film must be both of these (example; a Western/Superhero film, or a Romance/Heist film, etc.)

'Column A' - Genre
(Choose One)

- Drama

- Comedy

- Horror/Thriller

- Action

- Romance

- Science Fiction

- Western

'Column B' - Theme
(Choose One)

- Mistaken Identity

- Holiday / Hallmark

- Whodunnit

- Heist

- Coming of Age

- Film Noir

- Superhero


1st Place Winner - "Dinner Reservations" - Little Red Hen Studios
2nd Place - "Pants Party" - The Heinous Ratboys
3rd Place - "He Forgot the Shadows" - Team Nice Backpack

People's Choice Award Winner - "1991" - Team Riot Act
People's Choice Runner Up - "Pants Party" - The Heinous Ratboys

Best Cinematography - "Pants Party"
Best Story - "The Little Things"
Best Audio - "Dinner Reservations"
Best Editing - "Brad is Bad"
Best Makeup - "Santa Slays"

Best Directing - "Dinner Reservations"
Best Production Design - "Pants Party"
Best Acting - Brittany Clough - "Santa Slays"
Best Use of Secret Prop - "Santa Slays"
Best Use of Secret Dialogue - "Dinner Reservations"
Best Use of Secret Character - "Dinner Reservations"


"1991" by Team Riot Act

"He Forgot the Shadows" by Team Nice Backpack

"Eyes on You" by The Freshmen

"The Little Things" by Metric Entertainment

"The Nag" by Tea With Rabbit

"Pants Party" by The Heinous Ratboys

"Game Knight" by Lambs Media

"Santa Slays" by Not That Guy Productions

"Christmas Spirit" by Fantastic Four

"Dinner Reservations" by Little Red Hen Studios

"Brad is Bad" by Orphanarium Productions

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