Déjà View

Filmmaking Contest

Have you ever had that eerie feeling like you've been there or done that before?  Have you already experienced a present experience?

We call that Déjà View.  This experiment contest is simple:

We gave filmmaking teams the exact same script to shoot and edit.  What we hoped to get were completely different results.  And we weren't disappointed.

We wanted to see how different creative minds interpreted and produced the same idea.  But, there was a twist, each team got to choose how to end their story. 

We even upped the ante by offering $500 cash + $250 in gear rental equipment to the winning team.

So grab some popcorn and sit back, it's time to experience some Déjà View.

Congrats to the winning team of Déjà View 2022  - Team Resonance!

The Script...

The shooting script was called "The Gift" written by OSIF member Erin Hazlehurst.  It is attached here if anyone would like to read.


Each film is being watched and scored by a group of independent, industry professional judges.
The highest scoring film will win 1st prize - $500 cash, $250 in gear rental from video.equipment and a 1-year OSIF Membership.
The winner will be revealed on Monday, Feb 14th

Now onto the Films...

Version #1 - Team CinemaFiles

Doug Brown, Casey Easton, Michelle Deighton, Pete McLeod

Version #2 - Team Wolfpack

Kelly Veltri, Matt Brown, Chelsea McEvoy, Erin Hazlehurst

**Note** This film was created, just for fun, by members of the OSIF board and organizers of Déjà View.  It is not in the running for the 1st place prize.

Version #3 - Team KnightKnight
Richard Knight, Stephen Jefferys, Anna Jacyszyn, Kobi Harker

Version #4 - Team Cutthroat
Rory Hoffman, Zach Burke, Jesse Reider

Version #5 - Team Group B
Sandy Hoekstra, Autumn MacDuff, Cassie Hoffman, Rachelle Hughes, Brooke Malesan, Georgia Hill, Deo Matthee, Briana Fiume Cunie

Version #6 - Team All Hands on Deck

Jessica Hamilton, Natalie Juszko, Gabrielle Fontaine, Damon Gregory, Riley Ellis-Buckle

Version #7 - Team Jim & Jon
Jim Henry, Jon Van Dyk, Michael Fullerton, Robin Broderick, Renne Braun

Version #8 - Team Mad Mulla
  Zachary Mulla, Kayla White, Grace Howes

Version #9 - Team OutKasts (Hey Ya!)
Cody Fofonoff, Shanelle Connell, Matt Brown, Matthew Havery

Version #10 - Team Resonance
Bowen O'Brien, Matt Brown, Tanya Keller, Tommy Steele, Keith Schiehl

Version #11 - Team Blood Brothers
James Alton, Blair Walters, Angela Walsh, Dan Marcelino, Aidan Mclane

Version #12 - Team Metric Entertainment
Jesse Nelson, Marc Nadeau, Zach Jones, Nina Bournival

Version #13 - Team JA FIlms
Jeremy Abbott, CJ Wilkins, Caitlin Bennett, Riley Gaboury, Jeremy Komlos

Which film was your favourite?

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