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OSIF has multiple committees that help run different events and services throughout the year.  By joining a committee you can help have a say in how these events and services are run, or help as a volunteer to make them a success!


Festivals Committee
Organization and Volunteering for our big screening festivals ex. HorrorFest and Okanagan Screen Awards.

Contests, Networking & Workshops Committee
Organization and Volunteering for Workshops, coming up with different Contests for members to participate in, ways to get members together for Networking opportunities.

Communication, Community, & Social Media Committee
Create content to engage the membership and broader community on social media and bring awareness of OSIF to the general public.

Grants and Fundraising Committee
Raise money for OSIF through grants, sponsorships and private funding to help fund events and programming for OSIF to run throughout the year.

Membership Committee
Discover ways to increase the benefit of OSIF membership through community and industry partners.

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