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OSIF has multiple committees that help run different events and services throughout the year.  By joining a committee you can help have a say in how these events and services are run, or help as a volunteer to make them a success! 



EVENTS - The Events Committee is responsible for planning, organizing, and executing all events hosted by the society, including film festivals, screenings, workshops, and social gatherings. The committee ensures these events align with the society's mission and provide value to members and participants.

WORKSHOPS The Workshops Committee is dedicated to the development and execution of educational and professional development workshops for society members and the wider community. These workshops aim to enhance skills, provide networking opportunities, and promote continuous learning in the field of filmmaking.

NETWORKING The Networking Committee facilitates opportunities for society members to connect, collaborate, and share resources. Its primary goal is to foster a vibrant community of filmmakers and industry professionals through organized networking events, mentorship programs, and collaborative projects.

CONTESTS - The Contests Committee is tasked with developing, managing, and overseeing film contests and competitions designed to showcase the creativity and skills of filmmakers within the society. This committee focuses on providing a platform for emerging talent and promoting innovation and excellence in filmmaking.

SPONSORSHIPS - The Sponsorship Committee is tasked with securing sponsorship and partnership opportunities for the society's activities, including film festivals, contests, workshops, and other events. This committee aims to build sustainable relationships with businesses and organizations that align with the society's mission and values.

GRANT WRITING - The Grant Writing Committee is responsible for identifying grant opportunities, crafting compelling applications, and managing the submission process to secure funding for the society's projects and initiatives. This committee plays a crucial role in supporting the financial health and sustainability of the society.

MARKETING / SOCIAL MEDIA - The Marketing/Social Media Committee is responsible for all promotional and communication efforts of the society. This includes developing and implementing marketing strategies, managing social media platforms, and ensuring consistent and engaging communication with members and the public.

JUDGING - The Film Judging Committee is tasked with evaluating film submissions for various festivals, competitions, and screenings organized by the society. The committee also plays a pivotal role in identifying and selecting qualified judges to ensure fair and professional assessments of all submissions, with no conflicts of interest.

ELECTIONS - The Elections Committee is responsible for ensuring that the selection of candidates for the Board of Directors adheres to the society's standards. The committee verifies qualifications, screens candidates, and maintains a transparent process for electing capable individuals.

CONSTITUTION / BYLAWS - The Constitution/Bylaws Committee is tasked with the ongoing review, revision, and oversight of the society's constitution and bylaws. This committee ensures that the governing documents are up-to-date, reflective of the society's mission, and compliant with legal standards.

STRATEGIC PLAN The Strategic Plan Committee is tasked with developing, monitoring, and revising the society's long-term strategic plan. This includes setting goals, identifying key initiatives, and ensuring alignment with the society's mission and vision.

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**NOTE** Not all committees are open to member participation.  In some cases, such as events, we may just put out a request for volunteers

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