The Greatest Film Ever

The Greatest Film Ever Competition is a tongue-in-cheek filmmaking contest, to inspire our members to produce films and get creative.  The winner of each contest get's the title of 'The Greatest Film Ever" and the ability to gloat around town with the Championship Belt.

Each round of competition will be geared around a different topic, filmmaking style, genre, or any other crazy way we can think of to have fun making films, with some friendly competition.

Contest # 1 - The Greatest Fake Movie Trailer Ever

In a World... Where trailers are made for movies that will never exist.  OSIF brings to you the Greatest Fake Movie Trailer Ever Contest.

We want you to create a fake trailer to a non-existent film.  Make the fake trailer so believable that people think it's an actual movie coming out.  Show us the best moments of the film that will have people craving to watch a film they will never see.

2023 Fake Trailers

"The Writer" - Bowen O'Brien

"Catherine" - Jamie Patterson

"Wink" - Dylan Ginther

TIPS on how to make an effective trailer:
  1. Hook: A strong trailer begins with a hook that grabs the viewer's attention right from the start. It could be an intriguing line of dialogue, an intense action sequence, or a visually stunning moment.

  2. Storytelling: The trailer should provide a glimpse of the story or premise while leaving enough mystery to pique curiosity. It should convey the tone and genre of the project and give viewers a sense of what they can expect.

  3. Editing: The pacing and editing of a trailer are crucial. It should be fast-paced, keeping the viewer engaged and excited throughout. Well-timed cuts, transitions, and visual effects can create a sense of anticipation and build tension.

  4. Memorable moments: Highlighting memorable scenes or moments from the project can leave a lasting impact on the audience. These could be visually striking shots, exciting action sequences, or powerful emotional moments.

  5. Music and sound design: The choice of music and sound effects greatly influence the mood and impact of a trailer. The right soundtrack can enhance the emotional resonance and create a memorable experience for the viewer.

  6. Balance of information: A good trailer provides enough information to generate interest without revealing major plot twists or spoilers. It should tease the audience and leave them wanting more.

  7. Visual appeal: The visual quality and production values of the trailer should be high, showcasing the project's aesthetics and technical prowess. Visually striking cinematography, special effects, and art direction can leave a lasting impression.

  8. Target audience: The trailer should effectively communicate the project's appeal to its target audience. It should align with the interests and expectations of the intended viewers, whether it's fans of a specific genre or a broader demographic.

  9. Structure: A well-structured trailer typically follows a three-act structure, similar to a condensed version of the overall narrative. It introduces the setup, builds tension or conflict, and ends with a climactic moment or a cliffhanger that leaves the audience wanting more.

  10. Unique selling points: The trailer should highlight the unique aspects or selling points of the project, showcasing what sets it apart from others in its genre. It could be an innovative concept, a beloved cast, or an acclaimed director.

Fake Trailer Examples

Rules & Eligibility

  • Entry Fee - OSIF Members (FREE!) - Non-Members ($25)
  • Must Be Original Footage.  No Editing clips of pre-existing films.
  • Finished Fake Trailer must be between 60-150 seconds long.
  • Keep in mind, we are looking for the end product of a fake film trailer not a scene demo.


1st Place Winner will be crowned the "Greatest Filmmaker Ever", and given the championship belt.

Additionally a great prize package will be awarded including:

    • $250 Cash
    • $200 credit of OSIF film gear rental
    • 1-Year OSIF Membership
    • Bragging Rights


Submissions Open - May 25, 2023

Submissions Closed - June 30, 2023 - 11:59pm

How to Submit

First Step

Upload your video file to Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, OneDrive, WeTransfer, etc. or Vimeo if downloads are enabled.

We recommend exporting using the codecs H.264, H.265/HVEC or ProRes 422 or by using the Youtube export option available in your video editing suite. Please export no smaller than 1080p/2k, 2160p/4k preferred.

* DO NOT submit just a screener link to us, we need an original downloadable copy.

Second Step

Fill out the submission form at the bottom of the page.

Third Step

Pay your entry fee - OSIF Members are FREE, General Public - $25

You can e-transfer to or, make a donation for $25 below using your credit card below.

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