Script 2 Screen

Script 2 Screen is a competition for OSIF members, where filmmaking teams submit a script and detailed application form to a panel of industry professional judges.  The top projects will then pitch their script to the judges, who will pick one project to receive the top prize (or multiple projects to split it).

This contest is designed so no matter if teams win the top prize or not, they should be prepared to shoot and complete their films to screen at OSIF events. Essentially seeing their projects go from Script to Screen!

The Prize Package Includes:
- $$$ Substantial Cash Prize from OSIF
- $$$ Cash top up from proceeds of Kelowna Comedy show at Dakota's Pub (April 19th)
- $500 worth of production equipment rental for the film from Video.Equipment
- 4 hours Production Studio Space provided by Kelowna Film Studios 
- 1 Professional VFX shot courtesy of Allegiance Studios VFX
- Script Critique and Recommendations by Erin Hazlehurst
- Professional Script Breakdown by AD Jesse Nelson
- Production Design Consultation by Zach Jones
- Props Package provided by Donna Brayshaw
- Gift Certificate from Calowna Costumes
- Start-to-Finish Film Mentorship by the OSIF Board of Directors
- Free Entry Fee to either HorrorFest or the Okanagan Screen Awards

**Conditions Apply to the above prizes, please see below**

Click Here to Fill Out the S2S Application Form

Thank You to Our Prize Sponsors


Donna Brayshaw, Erin Hazlehurst, Jesse Nelson, Zach Jones


• April 19, 2024 - 8:30 pm - Kelowna Comedy Fundraiser - All ticket sales go towards S2S Winner(s) - *buy tickets above*

• April 22, 2024 - 5pm - Applications Due

• May 1, 2024 - 7pm - Pitch Session - Kelowna Film Studios (1516 Keehn Ave)

       **not all submissions may be invited to the pitch session**

• May 2, 2024 - Script 2 Screen Winner(s) Announced

Rules & Eligibility

    • Applicants must be an OSIF Member.  Become an OSIF Member at

    • Open to Okanagan residents only.

    • The majority of shooting must take place in the Okanagan Valley region using a majority of Okanagan cast/crew.

    • No limit on number of submissions per person, but you must be prepared to pitch all your scripts, if required.

    • We like to push the limits too, but if your script is deemed too offensive, it will not be considered.

    • If your application doesn't fit the criteria mentioned in these notes, OSIF has the right to disqualify your submission.

    Application Submissions

    • Applications must be submitted by 5:00pm on Friday, April 22nd, 2024

    • Please fill out the submission form in full.  Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

    • Scripts can be of any genre.

    • Maximum script length is 15 pages... No exceptions! - (not including title page)

    • Completed films should clock in at no longer than 15 minutes as well.

    • Scripts MUST be attached as a .pdf format.

    Scripts must be written in 'Proper Script Format'.  If you are unsure how to write in Proper Script Format visit here or do your own research on Google.  There is free scriptwriting software available such as CeltX.  Scripts not in this format will not be read or considered.


    • Applications will be judged by the OSIF Board of Directors and a panel of industry professionals. 

    • Considerations will be made into the feasibility of shooting the script, overall quality of the story, preparedness & professionalism of the applicants, & if the project matches the values and integrity of OSIF.

    • All applications will be considered fairly and without bias.

    • The OSIF BoD will narrow down all applications into the Top Finalists.

    • The Top Finalists must attend the Pitch Session, to sell and pitch their project idea to the OSIF BoD and industry professionals.

    • Not all applicants will be invited to the Pitch Session.

    Tips for the Pitch Session

    • You have 15 minutes max to pitch your film.

    • Be as prepared to shoot as possible.  Try to line up your cast, locations, crew, etc. beforehand.  The more prepared you are to shoot, the better your chances.  OSIF wants to know that you are ready and able to complete your project.

    • Don't print out copies of your script, the judges have already read them.

    • Do supply supporting materials if applicable.  The pitch will be held in a screening room with access to a projector via HDMI, feel free to plug in your computer, or bring your storyboards, vision boards, or anything you feel might sell your vision.

    • Be prepared to answer some tough questions about your film and the filmmaking process behind it... We never said this was going to be easy.

    • Can't make it to the pitch session?  This doesn't mean you are disqualified, but you're certainly not helping your chances.  Please let us know well beforehand, to make other arrangements.

    • Relax and have fun!  Tell us your vision of the film.  This is your chance to sell your film, engage the judges imagination and let them see the film in their minds.


    • The OSIF BoD and S2S Judges may choose 1 winner or multiple winners, depending on the needs of each project.

    • In certain cases, the prizes awarded will be split evenly or however the OSIF BoD sees fit among the winners.

    • Full prize packages will be clarified to the S2S winner(s) before acceptance of the prize by the winner(s).

    • Prizes awarded by 3rd party companies may have stipulations attached, such as hours of use, time limits, expirations, etc.  These stipulations will be clarified to the winner(s) at a later date, before production begins.

    Misc Notes

    • The chosen winner(s) of Script 2 Screen MUST credit OSIF in their opening or closing credits, in it's own separate credit slate as follows:

    “Created with the support of the Okanagan Society of Independent Filmmaking –”.

    • The chosen winner(s) must submit their final video to OSIF, via Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer or any other file transfer service, in HD or 4K quality as a .mov or .mp4 - H.264/H.265 or Apple ProRes 422.

    • OSIF will provide a schedule of completion to the chosen winner(s).  If the filmmakers do not follow this schedule, they will not receive any of the prize money, may have certain prizes taken back, and/or be disqualified from submitting projects into future OSIF Script 2 Screen contests.

    • Although the Script 2 Screen winner(s) get their submission fee to OSIF screening events waived, winning the competition does not guarantee screen time at the OSIF screening event.  Each film will go through the same judging process as other film submissions, and only the best and highest quality films will be chosen for each event.

    • If the OSIF BoD and the S2S judges are not satisfied with the quality of applications, they reserve the right to award no winners for this round of competition.

    Click Here to Fill Out the S2S Application Form

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    100% of ticket sales goes to the winner(s) of the OSIF Script to Screen Contest to help make their film!  Let's sell the room out! 

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