Okanagan Screen Awards

Celebrating the Best Films & Videos in the Okanagan!

March 2nd, 2024 at the Kelowna Community Theatre

OSIF is proud to, once again, host the Okanagan Screen Awards.

The Okanagan Screen Awards is a prestigious, red carpet Film Festival celebrating Local Film & Local Talent in the Okanagan Valley.

Screening everything from Films, Docs, Commercials, Music Videos Wedding Videos, Fashion, and more, this festival creates opportunity for like minded creatives to showcase their work, network, and collaborate.

The Okanagan Screen Awards will be held on March 2, 2024. The festival will consist of multiple blocks of local film and video screenings, a 'Best of Canada' short film block, an awards show, and after party!

2024 Okanagan Screen Awards Winners


Best Short Film - "Bloody Vintage" -
Kelly Veltri, Chelsea McEvoy

2nd Place - "Dinner Reservations" - 
Little Red Hen Studios

3rd Place - "WRKSMRT" - CJ Wilkins

Best Cinematography - "The Pull" -
Metric Entertainment

Best Story - "Bottled" -
Bowen O'Brien, Evan-Riley Brown

Best Audio - "Dinner Reservations"

Best Directing - "The Pull"

Best Editing - "Gear Heads" - 
Jordan Powers

Best Hair/Makeup - "Bloody Vintage"

Best Production Design - "Bloody Vintage"

Best Acting - "Bottled" - Logan Szuuts

Best Student / Youth Film - "Warm Blooded"
- Riley Sharp



Best Canadian Short Film - "Dragon Fruit" - J.Brown

2nd Place - "Conquest" - Kate Kroll, Norm Coyne

3rd Place - "Finder's Fee" - Trevor Meyer


Best Wedding Video - "Mackayla & Juanre" - Jackson Parker

Best Cinematography - "Mackayla & Juanre"

Best Audio - "Erica & Shaun" - Jackson Parker

Best Editing - "Safina & Joel" - Louisa Li


Best Feature Doc - "Because I Can" -
Ryan Tebbutt

2nd Place - "The Last Stop: Canada's Lost Locomotive" - Kaio Kathriner

3rd Place - "Because She's Adopted" -
James Alton

Best Cinematography - "The Last Stop: Canada's Lost Locomotive"

Best Story - "Because I Can"

Best Audio - "Out of Phase" - Beau Fipke

Best Editing - "Because She's Adopted"


Best Short Doc - "Dancing With Addiction"
Oceann Elise

2nd Place - "Our Own Spirits Regained" - Sandy Hoekstra

3rd Place - "Nerds on the Run" -
George Michail, Andrew Buckley

Best Cinematography - "Dancing With Addiction"

Best Story - "Our Own Spirits Regained"

Best Audio - "Nerds on the Run"

Best Editing - "An Open Heart" - Darold Black


Best Animation - "Purpose" - Christo Vutev

2nd Place - "Mouse and the Machine" - Anita DeKok

3rd Place - "BULLETMODE" - Marwan Zeid


Best Music Video - "Counting - Tello" - Travis Loren Gault

2nd Place - "Hey Man - Tom Breton" -
Ivan Gorbenko

3rd Place - "Glitch - Freeze the Fall" - Evan-Riley Brown

Best Cinematography - "Glitch - Freeze the Fall"

Best Production Value - "Counting - Tello"

Best Editing - "Counting - Tello"

Best Song - "Douse - Down the Lees" - 
Akim Vincent


Best Commercial - "Closer to Home Than You Think" - David Nault

2nd Place - "The Valley" - Cam MacArthur

3rd Place - "Canyon - Ultimate" -
Harrison Mendel

Best Cinematography - "The Valley"

Best Audio - "Closer to Home Than You Think"

Best Editing - "Closer to Home Than You Think"


Best Fashion Video - "Shae - Tea for Two" - Trevor Trombley

Best Cinematography - "Shae - Tea for Two"

Best Editing - "Shae - Tea for Two"

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