OSIF is governed by an artist-run board of directors.  We use the management board model for governing and directing the activities of the organization. The board meets monthly and is actively involved with the society's membership and programming. The Board's duties are to uphold the society's constitution and bylaws, and support the mandate of the organization.

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OSIF Board of Directors - 2024/25


OSIF President

Chelsea Jade McEvoy is an Anishinaabe award winning film director and editor based in the Okanagan Valley. Graduating from Confederation College's Film Program in 2011, Chelsea embarked on her journey in the industry, initially serving as a Training Assistant Director on high-profile feature films.

With a deep-seated passion for community service and a commitment to fostering a rich and diverse indie film landscape, Chelsea has dedicated herself to the role of President of the Okanagan Society of Independent Filmmakers (OSIF) for the past three years. Volunteering for this organization has been among her most cherished honors, allowing her to merge her love for filmmaking with her dedication to community engagement.

Looking ahead, Chelsea remains steadfast in her commitment to storytelling. She plans to further expand her repertoire by delving into narrative features and documentary projects, driven by a desire to entertain audiences while challenging societal perspectives and fostering empathy.


OSIF Vice-President

Nina started working in film in 2004 after graduating from John Abbott College’s Theatre Performance Program in Montreal, QC. She enjoyed working in main stage theatre, in Fringe festivals, with a Shakespeare for kids school touring company, and with the Canadian government’s Border Service Agency School. She also acted in commercials, television series, big budget films, student projects, and radio commercials. She also produced and stage managed a few theatre productions. She moved to the Okanagan in 2014 where she attempted to retire from working in the arts. After 5 years of working in administration focused on employee safety, she was back on stage with a bang in the controversial and graphic play Equus. She then jump started a career as an AD working on 20+ MOW filming in the Okanagan. This is where she came together with her partners to establish Metric Entertainment; a local production company focused on being a creative incubator for artists to bring their work to life. She has already produced 2 films; one of which she also directed, with the next ones in various stages of pre-production and discussion. She also has the pleasure of giving back to the community by collaborating with other local film companies as an AD and Director, and working as an actor with the medical community training future doctors. She still regularly auditions for projects and is an avid philanthropist working with Extra Life United to raise money for the BC Children’s Hospital. 


Director at Large

Matt was born and raised down in the Fraser Valley until he made his move to the Okanagan in 2002. On top of teaching and coaching acting, Matt works as an actor, director and producer.  His credits range from different theatre companies to various independent/professional film roles. Brown is very blessed and fortunate to share his passion for the local Film Community by serving on the board of OSIF.


OSIF Secretary

I am currently the showrunner for an upcoming audio drama in the Okanagan where I have brought many local creatives together to work on the series. I am an active member in the independent film industry as a screenwriter who is part of the Okanagan Screenwriting Guild. I am a past winner of the OSIF Script to Scream competition (2018). In addition, I have a background in marketing, with an emphasis in digital marketing and have helped many independent artists promote their own work and teaching them how to use digital tools available to spread awareness about funding campaigns and classes. I would like to bring these skills to both promote OSIF and educate filmmakers in how to use low-cost digital tools to boost their own creative endeavours. I have also run ads in the past for OSIF and their events/competitions and workshops. Currently, I work for New Vintage Theatre as their Festival Organizer, organizing both the Kelowna Fan Experience and Kelowna International Fringe Festival. Both festivals have synergies with OSIF and my event organization experience can assist in organizing OSIF events that are interesting, cost effective, and meaningful for a variety of stakeholders.


Director at Large

Born and raised in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Lyndsey grew up studying Violin, Piano, Voice and Polynesian Dancing. However, her real love was being on stage in local theatre productions (and as a child she would mope around the house crying for days after closing night and proclaiming that she had nothing left to live for, until her mother told her she had to keep it together or she wouldn’t be allowed to do any more in the future). She first obtained a degree in Biological Sciences with a Minor in Classical Voice from the University of Alberta, and after receiving a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), she moved to Kelowna to continue her training as a physician. After a decade-long hiatus from performing she returned to the stage in 2013 and has performed in, or been Music Director for, over a dozen local mainstage theatre productions. She is new to film, having had her debut last year in Infinity Playground’s short film, “The Ninja Chronicles.” Since then, she has been an Actor or Principal in over half a dozen Feature Films or MOWs. She quit her job as a software developer earlier this year and is excited to spend more time learning from, and helping to expand Kelowna’s already-amazing film community.


Director at Large

Zach Jones is an award winning film maker who has called the Okanagan home since he was a toddler. Getting his start in highschool theatre, Zach learned everything he could about being behind the scenes. Since then, Zach has made a career in film, working mainly as a props master. In recent years, Zach is a founding member of Metric Entertainment, a small production company dedicated to showing off the talent and skills of the Okanagan film community.

Crystal Van Pelt

Director at Large

Good day! I am Crystal, a dedicated professional who has been committed to the film industry for 17 years and the entertainment sector for 20 years. Having made British Columbia my forever home since 2018, I am excited and honoured to bring a wealth of experience to my role as a new board member-at-large for the Okanagan Society of Independent Filmmaking. My versatile career includes diverse roles such as Producer, Director, Creative Associate, Fixer, Production Manager, Production Coordinator, Talent Manager, Business and Film Consulting.

Throughout my tenure in the industry, I have embraced opportunities to work in various crew positions, gaining invaluable insights into the unique challenges and requirements of each role. This firsthand experience has enabled me to cultivate a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in productions, empowering me to foster an elevated, inclusive working environment on every project I undertake.

Driven by my passion for inclusiveness and truth, I on a personal and career level, advocate for a higher standard of professionalism, emphasizing accountability, compassion, and authenticity. My vision is to create a positive impact within our filmmaking community, championing sustainability and integrity for all in every endeavor through leading by example.


OSIF Executive Director

Kelly is a cinematographer, producer and owner of Video.Equipment Rental House.  He has been a long time supporter of OSIF, serving on the Board or as President (and now as Executive Director) since 2006.  Kelly is responsible for creating HorrorFest, as well as being chief organizer for events like the Okanagan Screen Awards, Script 2 Screen, Snakebite 5-Day Film Challenege, and other OSIF programming staples.  Kelly is also an active filmmaker, you'll see his films playing at OSIF events throughout the year.

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