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I'll Keep You Safe

An overpopulated and under resourced North America find south at the trial of a quadrant system of government. One where the children are raised until they're ready to be transferred, screened, and paired based on compatibility and genetic code. Our story follows the lives of the group of children who are sent to repopulate a deserted rural town. With crushing expectations, and no sense of freedom we see their lives unfold in a world of manipulation, fear, love, and resilience.

Mad as a Hatter

Short film revolving around the mad hatter as a young boy explaining his story of Wonderland.

Way Out

1st Place Winner of HorrorFest 2015 Directed by Travis Cross

The Nightmare

Winner of "Script 2 Screen" 2015 Winner of Best Special effects/makeup

The Phoenix Solution

Fired for asking the wrong kinds of questions about the "experiments" on sub level 8, Disgruntled ex-employee "Phoenix" and his pot smoking roomie "Eddie", assemble a group of Hackers and Animal Rights Activists to exact revenge on Phoenix's former employer MaxCorp.

The Boom Booms - Satisfied - Music Video

The Boom Booms - Satisfied Produced by The Film Factory

Eye Love You

Winner: Best Drama, Best Director, Best Actress & People Choice Award 2014 Okanagan Indie Film Showcase

Kelsey Serwa - For Love of the Sport

Produced by Ryan Tebbutt - Edge Digital

First Annual Barbecue

Directed by Steve Merlo & Jamie Patterson Three youths are lured to an old abandoned house for a barbecue. The house is a trap,

Nocte Agente: Night's Dark Agent

HorrorFest 2013 2nd Place Winner: Directed by Doug Brown A young woman is hunted down empty streets by a dark creature of

The Promise

HorrorFest 2013 - Best Story Award Winner Directed by Michael Porier When a man's wife is diagnosed with a life threatening

The Harvest

HorrorFest 2013 - Best Cinematography Winner Directed by Geoff Bunting & Bobby Jude The pieces are set and the guests are


Directed by William Tims A man who believes himself to be God's judge, jury and executioner is put to the test by his inner.

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