Thanks to all who attended IndieFest 2016, Looking forward to April 2017 for our 2nd Annual IndieFest

OSIF is happy to introduce IndieFest, the Okanagan's premiere, red-carpet, short film and short documentary festival!  We've taken the best short films & docs created locally, and put them into one jam packed night, showcasing the top filmmaking and acting talent the Okanagan has to offer!

Prizes for the Best Film, Best Doc, People's Choice Award, Best Acting (Films Only), Best Cinematography (Films & Docs), Best Story (Films and Docs), Best Post-Production (Films and Docs).

Event Info:

Dates:  Thursday, March 24th - Doors open at 6:00pm - Films at 6:30pm

Location:  The Paramount Theatre - 261 Bernard Ave. Kelowna, BC

Tickets:$15 at the door.

IndieFest is an All Ages Event!  ** Some films may not be appropriate for younger viewers **

Earlybird Tickets are no longer available, $15 tickets will be available at the door!

IndieFest Film Lineup

1. “The Royal Affair” – Jeff Myers
A short documentary that looks at the different elements and people that are both in front of the lens and behind it.

2. “Love’s Blade” – Adam Ritz
Set in medieval Europe, Alys lives under the tutelage of the Knight Frederick alongside her brother and an orphan squire. She develops feelings for the squire, but her brother grows jealous. The fate of this love triangle all comes down to one dagger.

3. “The Journey Home” – Lily Zarif
This film is about a journey around the world and the spaces you must pass through to find your way home.

4. “Of Man & Machine” – Jiri Bakala
A short documentary about Ray Redmayne, a retired printer, who restored an 1860's Hoe printing press, and about the press' importance in spreading literacy in rural north America in second half of 19th century.

5. “Phone” – Zan Klein
Travis finds his relationship with Karen reaching new lows as she spends more and more time with her phone.

6. “Delirium” – Curtis Sandmaier
After doing some regrettable things, a man escapes to nature to cleanse himself of his sins. His journey might be harder than he thought.

7. “Low Pressure Horizon” – Gary Potzkai
Wicked Floyd invites you on a visual journey through a day and night at Kelowna's Ben Lee Skateboard Park.

8. “Mad Mango” – Chelsea McEvoy
The Mad Mango Cafe has been a hot spot in downtown Kelowna for 13 years. It is known for it's fast paced environment and affordable food and of course the owner, Pat Wong. With her sharp memory, customers flock just to meet her. But who is Pat Wong?

9. “Out of the Darkness” – Troy Payne
A new age, coming of age film that gives hope to each of us who ask"who am I really?"

10. “Cubed” – Koltyn Gaboury
An unfortunate fate befalls a man who finds a mysterious cube.

11. “Zeus” – Katie Rabb
A young sociopath climbs a tree in a thunderstorm in an effort to feel something. While he climbs he looks back at his childhood and the events in his life leading up to that moment.

Want to Submit Your Film?

IndieFest is open to everyone! Entrance fee is $30/film ($20 for OSIF Pro or Regular Members).

*Not all submitted films are guaranteed be screened at IndieFest.  Timeslots are limited, and only the best films, picked by a panel of judges, will be screened.

IndieFest Submissions are Now Closed. Thanks to All Who Submitted!

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